ballet by Vasily Medvedev
music by Neria Goldberg
set and costume design by Pavol Juras
assistent to the choreographer Stanislav Fečo

Macedonian Opera and Ballet Theatre, Skopje




„Czech designer Paval Juras has worked on many of Medvedev’s productions and always brings true professionalism, artistry and great creativity, as well as meticulous attention to detail. So here in Cleopatra, his artistry saw no bounds. The whole production bursts with colour, authentic action and personae: Egyptian soldiers with curved bows, Romans with pointed daggers; gods with animal heads; men in the briefest of briefs; ballet school students of all sizes in countless different costumes, that all combine to offer an evening of lavish entertainment. Juras brought the stage to life with his vast beautifully decorated sets and over 400 multi-coloured luxurious costumes of chiffons, silk, sequins, gold lame and Lurex that literally dripped with sparkle while Cleopatra had at least 14 costume changes – each one more dazzling than the former. Juras well deserved the cheers at the final curtain call.“

Margaret Willis –







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