ballet in one act
music: Igor Stravinsky
choreography: Eno Peci
libretto: Eno Peci
costume and set design: Pavol Juras


cast: Davide Dato, Jakob Feyferlik, Nina Tonoli, Rebeca Horner, …


premiere: 2017, Wiener Staatsballett, Viena, Austria


Photo: Wiener Staatsballet/Ashley Taylor, Pavol Juráš


„…Pavol Juras’s decorations, costumes and light are the real highlight. The huge blackboard, the high ceilings, the worn out windows, the faded colour palette are all on the mark. Peci has struggled with story in his past works, often as beautiful as perfume ads but equally shallow. It’s great to see him working in close partnership with a dramaturg. The great Juraj Grigorovich did his best work in close collaboration with stage designer Simon Virsladze.“



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